Those who succeed in Management are Great Leaders

Those who succeed in Management are Great Leaders

Whereas management skills pertain to the needed planning and coordination to meet the goals, leadership skills pertain to the inspiration, motivation, and building of trust needed to believe in the goals. These skills, although different, need to work together and intertwine in harmony.

The management skill of meeting goals is related to the leadership skill of sharing a vision. You as a leader must have a vision for a better future and motivate a group of people toward that vision while following the plans, procedures, and tasks you as a manager created.

As a leader you need to be proactive and creative. As a manager you need to be directive, action-oriented and responsive. You as a leader must get your organization to believe that the work and goals are worthwhile. As a manager, you need to make sure each individual has the skills necessary to achieve those goals. Quite simply, it takes a strong leader to get the group to see the big picture, and a great manager to get the individual to be a part of the big picture. They are different roles, but combined they create an incredible overall management style.

The more confident you are with the learned management skills taught in this course, the more effective you can establish yourself as a leader. The best leaders recognize that what they know pales in comparison to what they still need to learn. They are always open to ideas and insights that can lead to better ways to accomplishing goals. By constant dialogue with their employees, co-managers, and upper-management, it makes them more proficient in pursuing and achieving the objectives.

Effective leaders are virtually idolized by the people they lead. Part of it is because of their unique personal skills, however, the leaders who are willing to take the heat, accept risks, and make decisions under fire makes people want to follow them. Their courage, intelligence, and decisiveness impress people and inspire confidence.

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