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The Power of Social Media Stories for Marketers

The Power of Social Media Stories for Marketers

The organic reach of business accounts on a number of social platforms is decreasing.

Stories provide a great ROI in terms of the time and effort they require and the benefits they offer.

Stories are also extremely popular with customers and users right now.

Four out of five major brands report using stories to promote themselves, and that should tell you something about how big this is going to be going forward.

With this video course you will:

  • learn precisely what a story is
  • learn how to create a story
  • learn how to have huge success using stories to grow your audience
  • learn how to increase brand loyalty
  • how to promote yourself using stories just like major brands do
What you'll learn
What is a Social Media Story
Using Stories for Marketing – The Basics
More Benefits of Stories and How to Use Them to Maximum Effect
Instagram Stories for Business
Facebook Stories for Businesses
Snapchat Stories for Businesses
How to Create Better Stories
Advanced Technique and Selling
The Rest of Your Strategy
How to Put All This Into Action
  • The Power of Social Media Stories for Marketers
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14 thoughts on “The Power of Social Media Stories for Marketers”

  1. Worth every penny.

    Thank you for this course.

  2. Short, brief, to the point with great examples without going overboard.

  3. Comprehensive, engaging, lots of exercises and resources to use to advance your marketing.

  4. Anushka Maniha April 3, 2020 at 11:58 pm

    Lots of undiscovered gems, easy to follow with many tips and tricks making this a very good course lots of value as well

  5. Great course! Very detailed explanations on how to utilize different platforms for social media.

  6. I seriously wish I found this course sooner – could’ve saved me a ton of time. The action steps in this course really helped me follow through with the content learned and I now have a social media marketing plan in place.

  7. The course is easy to understand based on the main things about the topic. The information is clear and simple. That’s why i think is a great course.

  8. I found that the resources were well thought out and clear. Overall, the course for beginners is helpful in providing a framework to start using your social media focused on your professional goals.

  9. This is very informative. I learned a lot from this course and has given me the whole new system for niche or target market selection. If you want to understand how to move people to action with social media, dig into this course

  10. Kimberly Johnson April 28, 2020 at 11:59 pm

    I found this course very valuable and helpful. The printable PDFs were a nice touch and enhanced the learning experience. This course was well layed out and very well taught. I highly recommend this course 🙂

  11. Admin bar avatar

    This has been a fascinating course to follow, and definitely helped me with some fantastic ideas for how to stay active on social media and with what content.

    Some more simple things like teaching you how to set up a facebook page, twitter account, youtube account etc.. (which I already know) Is excellent for people who have no idea how to go about doing it

  12. I wish I had hear about this course 6 months ago. This course has clarified everything to help me to manage my social media and understand what to do with twitter, pinterest it is a pain relief. I would love, every entrepreneurs can benefit of this valuable and rich course. It is accessible, understandable and simple. Thank you

  13. Anthony Rober May 18, 2020 at 11:55 pm

    This was a good course.

    I didn’t know anything about the different types of content or how to focus my content on a specific audience and now I feel more confident about how to approach my social media strategy.

    Thanks a lot!!
    Must say totally worth the price

  14. Rani Mukherji May 22, 2020 at 12:00 am

    The course is exactly what it states for: a good material for someone who would like to get an insight into promoting himself with the help of social media. If you are looking for some basic and simple information on this – look no further. Thank you!

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