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Administrative Office Procedures

Administrative Office Procedures

Course Overview                  :

Administrative office procedures may not be glamorous, but they are essential to the success of any enterprise. A well run office reduces miscommunications and helps to eliminate common errors. By making the administrative office a priority, you will establish clear policies and procedures with employee understanding and buy-in, which ensures that your work environment runs smoothly

With our Administrative Office Procedures course, you will understand how an Administrative Office Procedure binder demonstrates professionalism and efficiency in an organization or office setting.

It is also a marvelous instrument for quick reference and utilization. Strategies and procedures are a vital connection between the company’s vision and its everyday operations.

Course Objectives                :

Research has consistently demonstrated that when clear goals are associated with learning, it occurs more easily and rapidly. With that in mind, let’s review our goals for today.

At the end of this , you should be able to:

  • Organize a binder
  • Develop procedures
  • Prepare checklists
  • Understand succession planning
  • Collect the correct tools

Module                                   :

  • Module 01: Introduction
  • Module 02: Why Your Office Needs Administrative Procedures
  • Module 03: Gathering the Right Tools
  • Module 04: Identifying Procedures to Include
  • Module 05: Top Five Procedures to Record
  • Module 06: What to Include in Your Binder (I)
  • Module 07: What to Include in Your Binder (II)
  • Module 08 : Organizing Your Binder
  • Module 09: What Not to Include in the Procedure Guide
  • Module 10: Share Office Procedure Guide
  • Module 11: Successfully Executing the Guide
  • Administrative Office Procedures
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9 thoughts on “Administrative Office Procedures”

  1. I could discover Microsoft apps I did not know about before. I will definitely review some of the short courses I think are the most useful later.

  2. Very thorough. A lot of information was covered. One suggestion that I have is to have breaks at various points in the course where brief, bullet-point summaries are provided about what has been covered. This would be helpful in retaining all of the information that is presented.

  3. I knew most of the material but, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. There is always something you didn’t know that now that you know it you can use it to you advantage. 🙂

    The material is is explained very well and I would recommend this class.

  4. Aneesh mathew April 7, 2020 at 6:44 pm

    I found the course covered very aspect of Office 365. I didn’t have any preconceived expectations, but I learned a lot. I plan to go back and refresh my knowledge, particularly managing/reducing emails. I plan to take the SharePoint course to learn more about SharePoint. I already took the Microsoft Teams course, which was excellent

  5. Now that I was assigned to telework I am happy for this course. I am learning what I can use for work and home. It is amazing all the knowledge at their fingertips and now in mine. I love all the ins and outs and how easy it can be. I never realized all my PC can do…all this time it has been me doing not much LOL

  6. Yes, this course was everything I expected. I would recommend it to anyone.

  7. Great tool! this is really changing the way an organization operates. It’s like business on-the-go. One can work from anywhere in the world so far you have network access. Again great program! Kudos! Thanks

  8. Though very informative, I dare say the majority will never be utilized in my day to day assignment. Pausing to try the features was a frustrating at times as it was not always smooth going from one to the other while working remotely through web/server connection. The instructor really is ‘engaging’. This will be archived and become a reference point.

  9. It was what i needed. Everything was explained in details. Thanks again for a wonderful course. Can always use it as reference.

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