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Modern Email Marketing and Segmentation

Modern Email Marketing and Segmentation

Failure in e-marketing comes in many different forms because people try many different things. Social medial marketing faces many challenges because of the evolving algorithms of platforms like Facebook. It’s getting worse and worse with each passing year.

E-mail marketing is hands down the most powerful and effective form of online marketing.

This is a step-by-step guide to start earning REAL list marketing money with modern email marketing and segmentation techniques.

Here is what you’ll discover inside:

  •  Be Clear on Who You Wish to Market To
  •  Find the Right E-Mail Marketing Platform
  •  Decide on your list incentive
  •  Create and feature topnotch list incentives
  •  Decide between updates versus pre-scheduled emails
  •  Optimize your list by targeting your traffic source
  •  Optimize Your Squeeze Page Sign-Up Rate
  •  Identify your list segmentation strategy
What you'll learn
Be Clear on Who You Wish To Market To
Find the Right E-Mail Marketing Platform
Decide on your list incentive
Create and feature topnotch list incentives
Decide between updates versus pre-scheduled emails
Optimize your list by targeting your traffic source
Optimize Your Squeeze Page Sign-Up Rate
Identify your list segmentation strategy
  • Modern Email Marketing and Segmentation
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19 thoughts on “Modern Email Marketing and Segmentation”

  1. The course is very helpful. I’m learning new things about the internet at every step. This is really helping me progress to a different part of life, That I never expected to move towards.

  2. Amazing course! I have learnt so much across the lectures and even found new tools that I didn’t know existed. Thank you so much for creating this course, incredibly useful!!!

  3. I really enjoyed the course – It covers the fundamentals of Digital Marketing with a practical approach which makes new information easy to understand. Highly recommended!

  4. As a non-experienced in digital marketing, I loved taking this course and understanding all the key aspects of every digital platform/instrument. The video is pretty clear and explains easily, taking the time to really share what he experienced, which is key to make this course stand out vs others. I would take it again and I will get back here every time I have a doubt because I’m sure I’ll find the right info.

  5. Yes, this course is very helpful to me get good knowledge about digital marketing. This is very clear for me and i could understand well

  6. Excellent guide for beginners !

    Teaches you how to set up accounts and tools for Digital Marketing.

    Not in depth but gets you started broadly and gives you a platform to advance further.

  7. Nathalie Megha April 7, 2020 at 1:43 am

    I highly recommend this course to the people who doesn’t want to take it just for certification. No doubt, this course is a value for money. Need patience to extract the information and knowledge. Best thing is that the content is going to be accessible for life time. So no anxiety ….

  8. Just….AWESOME… !!!
    an unbelievable experience to learn Digital Marketing course. I recommend everyone to learn because the way the course is designed explained is just BRILLIANT.

  9. Amazing course which cover all the area. SEO part should be more explored but still this course is better for digital marketing foundation and intermediate knowledge.

  10. The course is for beginners and takes you from A-Z.

    Moreover, it is practical, which I value the most.

    Thank you,

  11. The course had a very practical approach towards learning and the explanation was very simple and can be understood by anyone

  12. A real practical approach, things which are lagging in most of the courses. Moreover, I would also like to add that the course puts light on various functions that can be used to market the products or services.

  13. Brilliant course. Worth every minute. Such detailed and clear explanations, I really did not expect the course to be as good and beneficial.

  14. I am extremely excited with this course and I am eager to start freelancing. Thank you so much for taking your time to pass so much information.

  15. it’s a great course including most part of digital marketing and the audio is also great !!!!!

    I 100% suggest you guys take up this course.

  16. Outstanding course. It helped me to perfect areas I was already familiar with as well as learn new things that I can apply to my work. video is very clear, concise – an all around great teacher.

  17. A great learning for a beginner like me through these
    cdcl online classes.

    thanks to CDCL UK,

    Its a great value addition of knowledge for me.


  18. A truly excellent course and I hope it will be updated as new platforms such as TikTok come to the Digital Marketing space.

  19. Loved the course structure and the content covered. I built my website, worked on my marketing plan, implemented my plan as I learnt it step by step. The hacks suggested work beautifully and the resources shared are gems. I would definitely recommend this course to my friends.Thanks

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